Time to – Not Upgrade

timeChange is the rule of nature!!!

May be this is applicable for human life. But does this need to be the standard for electronics and mobile?

Have we ever thought “it would have been better not to have an upgrade”.  Not every application or every mobile should have a continuous upgrade. We should come to a state where we should have a base version which can be used irrespective of any upcoming upgrade.

I would like to bring in the most beautiful phrase here. “Need and Want”. Time has come where we should differentiate between Need and Want of the upgrade.

An upgrade could be of two aspect. The company is upgrading it because they want to add new features into that app or device which are really essential to further use of that app or device OR they want to make some extra money out of the new release.

If we start thinking the real need of a new phone other than what we have now, then every mobile manufacture will delay their new Phone release by another two years for sure.

Who is not ready to save some extra dime out of cutting our expenses?