The success of an Entrepreneur

How do you quantify your #success as an #Entrepreneur?

Starting or running a company is not a huge task. But running a successful company is the matter here.

But again what is a success?

In today’s hyper entrepreneurial world, success means “boatload of money” and for some getting “funded or acquired”.


Did we ever think that there is another Entrepreneurial world still exists where their Success is not quantitative and only qualitative?

The company where I started my career was shut down in just 5 years. We all were asked to search for the job and we did. 20 years after, we are now in a WhatsApp group with the #CEO , #CTO , #CMO , and #CFO of that company. The then employees started a private chat and that is when we realized that everyone is having the same feeling. Yes, we are in this successful top management position is because of the foundation we got in the first company.

Does this not the great success of that company and the management? Of course, with the stereotype entrepreneurial current world, that company is an utter failure.

I am not an entrepreneur. But I am a successful professional person. I have handled more than 2000 team members in my 22 years of career and I am very proud and happy that I am able to show the right path to my team members all these 22 years and they are doing super duper well. I am not claiming their success is because of me. But, I am convinced that I am also a minuscule reason for their success.

Maybe the world can say the other way.

But, Do I need to worry about that. If my mind is happy to think of that then what more do I require to caliber my career as a success? Someone else’s valuation? Then I won’t be a successful professional personal throughout my life.

If a company is a shutdown due to financial problem or by any other failure, at first, it will be very painful and take us into inferiority complex. But that is going to be only at the starting stage. If your self-consciousness tells you that you have done your best that didn’t affect anyone, then you learned a lesson with that venture. That’s all.

We are listened to watched to heard to, only stories of successful persons in terms of money and not in terms of good deeds. That is the problem of society and not us.

Millions of #startups are getting started every year. If you keep on counting only the successes, then you are fooling yourself with the real success of your career or profession.


Funded or Loaned – Assumptions


Getting Funded

Rather than considering Success as the ultimate goal of any business, the New Age Entrepreneurs are considering “Getting Funded” is the ultimate success of their business.

Yes, your business will not get funded unless they see some flesh on the bone.

If you are getting funded for the expansion of the business on the basis of the success it has shown, then it is acceptable. But if you are not able to run the company because of financial crunches and then going for funding, will not be considered as an intelligent move of an entrepreneur.

Business getting sliced

Another important point to be noted here is, your hard earned business is going to get sliced and shared with another one, just for the money. From that moment, you cannot have the pride to claim this as your brainchild because the other person is rightfully going to take his slice out of it. Apart from this you will loose your freedom on running your business.

Loaned rather than Funded

There is another hidden drawback in this. If the person going to fund you is not having any basic knowledge of your business, then your freedom is totally screwed. Here it is better to be called as Loaned rather than funded. Also, if you are getting funded from small VCs, their own work tension, and pressure will also impact your business.

End of the day, your pride, and satisfaction as a business person itself will be in a stack.

Can you avoid this?

Yes, you can.

You need to keep the concept of Funding on a back burner until you have used all your trump cards.

As how the VCs choose to fund, you need to choose to whom you are going to get funded. Seldom, just shutting down will solve many problems than running on a funded money.

Keep in mind. If you have shut down your first business without getting funded, then understand, you are the best to run the funded company at a later stage.

If you take “pride” as the yardstick and go for funding rather than shutting down, your self-esteem will be lost and will eventually halt you in getting into any new venture.

If you keep “getting funded” as the goal of your business, then you are reinventing the wheel again rather than reading from the past market during bubble burst.

So don’t get into the wrong assumption as “Getting Funded is Success”



Make Money and Sell else Sell and Make money!!!


Flipkart cannot be a yardstick or trendsetter to be worried. Flipkart is one such operational failure and not idea failure. So don’t take Flipkart “alone” as a yardstick and worry.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, there are many reasons for a startup to fail. Also, it is not true that every startup will fail because of nonavailability of funds.

It’s been almost 5 years the funding fever has started and it was in real peak during 2012-14. After 2014, the slowness in funding has started and now it is taking a different course from the concept of ‘funding”

Before taking any further step, just sit back and evaluate whatever you have done to your startup till date and take the correct course correction. But you should try to do this exercise only if you are ready to accept your mistakes and more than that ready to correct yourself.

Else this exercise will not yield any expected result. The foremost action to be taken is to cut down the unwanted salary paid to people who are really not required for your company.

They may be very good in their respective subject. But they may not be required at this stage in your company. So do the evaluation properly. Don’t send out any required resource from your organization.

We have done this exercise and we were able to increase the efficiency by 23% in the last 2 quarters. This has given a ray of hope for us. We have started seeing a direct increase in our profitability.

So before running behind “funding” just look back, evaluate, and redo your math and see what exactly is your financial situation now and if it really matters then go for funding. Else increase your sale by deploying good sales professionals and sales methodologies.

In spite of this, funding is not going to happen as how it was earlier. So I close my company then? No. After every trend change in the business Industry, there will be a new trend taking birth. Take the track record from 1986 if you have the data. There was a paradigm shift in the global business line happening after every slowdown.

If you don’t do the course correction within that time, you will end up in failure. If you evaluate 1M as your requirement and compromise with 250K you are already screwed. You cannot hold your breath and sail until next set of funding. 

What is the new trend then?

It is called Consolidation. Yes, don’t just go for the funding. You could have seen the real scenario by this time going behind the funding.

The new trend is, take Flipkart and Snapdeal as an example. They are now in a real bad shape on their revenue. But do you think that they will wait for another round of funding or just go ahead and shut the business? Neither, they will go for strategic purchases.

In the year end 31 March 2015, there was 69 technology M&A happened in India and this fiscal year ending 31 March 2016 it has doubled to 146. That means 146 startups had already taken a wise decision to make the required profit by taking the course of M&A rather than waiting for funding or next level of funding.

Of course, those large giants are not going to give premium value for the forthcoming acquisitions. They will make you settle for much lesser price.

End of the day, the trend is, nobody is ready to spend much cash as transaction and wants to take the path of stock transactions only.

Make Money and Sell else Sell and Make money!!!