Healthy Attrition

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In the current situation in India, the most unwanted word is “attrition”. Being the appraisal time every management and HR would think more about attrition and burn their midnight oil.

Out of my experience, I would say, attrition is a healthy scenario than people sticking to their job without any innovative contribution. We need the core team who can transform our vision into the mission. But if we are not ready to bring in new blood either by replacing or expanding our core team we are not actually growing.

Attrition also gives room for the next level people to take the steering and start driving.

Some of the advantages of managed or Healthy attrition are:

  1. New Blood
  2. Best Ideas from their experience
  3. Monotonous
  4. Cost

Let us see one by one.

New Blood

Think where we were a couple of years back and what was the contribution by those people that time. They would have contributed many best practices and ideas into our vision which would have taken our company to this level.

Don’t we need the same type of new blood again now to take our company to the next level?

Best Ideas from their Experience

The new guys will surely bring in their best ideas and best practices out of their experience which will enable us to take our company to next level.


The main reason for anyone to become less productivity is their monotonous work routine. It could be the need of the company or project. But these guys also require a change in their work routine.

Since monotonous leads to productivity loss, it is always better to leave that scenario.


Though I bring cost as the last element here, it is also a very important factor to be considered. If a person becomes less productivity because of any known or unknown reason, is it not better to bring someone with relevant years of experience to that position with less cost?

Last one which is most important

If the people who leave us and shines at another place, is it not a pride to us too? If you are a leader you will surely feel so. If you are just a manager you will have grudges on them. The option leaves to your level of maturity.


All attrition are not “bad”. There should be managed attrition which is good for the company and so they are called as Healthy Attrition. The growth of any company should be of process and people oriented and not just people oriented alone.

So there is no need to burn the midnight oil thinking of Annual Appraisal.


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