Vulnerability of using third party tools


What is the next big thing in the IT world?

Anyone can say it as IoT. Yes, Internet of Things is the next main topic going to be discussed for a much longer period than any other technology discussed so far.

There are going to be more than 20 Billion electronic devices get connected to a network in this IoT.

We are going to use IoT without even knowing that we are into it. The best example of areas where we will be automatically get connected to IoT are:

1. Media

2. Infrastructure

3. Manufacturing

4. Home Automation

5. Transporation

6. Healthcare

7. Energy, etc

If every device is going to use a unique IP address can IPv4 work with its limitation of 4.3 Billion? No, it cannot. The minimum number if IP addresses required by 2020 would be nothing less than 20.8 Billion. So the use of IPv6 will come into the mainstream here.

All these are acceptable. How secure are our data or we ourself?

This is something very important and crucial in the IoT space. With just one mobile device we feel we are highly vulnerable. The cyber attack is more prominent even now. Think of the situation where we are going to connect even our Refrigerators, Televisions, Kitchen Appliances, Cameras, Thermostat and what not?

The cyber attack is already taking the main stage even now. What would be the situation when we are completely into IoT?

The recent article which I was able to read this morning is more emphasising the vulnerability on using third party tools even now. But it is not possible to completely avoid using third party tools at all. What is the solution then? Where is the checkpoint then?

Major Vulnerability in Freshdesk – Results from a recent Wordfence Red Team Exercise 

What would be the level of exposure we will be into when we get into full IoT and what would be the level of security we would require that time?

Let our Scientists bring a solution before IoT and let us be aware of the intensity of the impact of using vulnerable third party tools now.