Growth Roadmap V/s Expectation Over-shoot

growthAs a startup our first requirement is the best team to work with us. When I say team, I don’t mention just human who are SME alone (Subject Matter Expert). We start our business with a vision. If we are not able to sow our vision and mission into our core team then we will surely cannot reach our goal at the correct phase.

So what is required? 

The main need to have a strong core team is to transform our vision and mission through them. If the core team, even one of them, is not convinced with our vision then our failure starts there.

Is it an easy task to implant our vision and mission to our team? The answer is NO. It is not an easy task. It will take months together or even years to build the core team with same vision. Once it is done we are all set and the team can take us to the goal and even beyond.

The real problem starts here again. The human ego or human expectation is not a stable target. Two moving targets are the toughest to handle. When we say we have vision and mission for our company, we have to accept every human has their own vision and mission of their life.

As a startup we should learn to bridge the gap.

How will we do that?

Universal standard is, we will show them the roadmap of their growth with us. In the initial period their goal of growth will be a constant target. But when they see their growth through us, their goal of growth will become a moving target. Can we judge this as right or wrong?

No again. We are not here to gauge the growth of anyone. The problem starts, when the shift of our vision is not in phase with them. So either one will get fed up with the other.

The solution is don’t feed them fully. Leave an acceptable vacuum on their goal achievement so that they will know the value  of what we are giving. Else they will expect to grab more than they deserve. Its not their fault. Its human psychology. If we are not able to maintain the acceptable vacuum on the roadmap of their growth, automatically their expectation will over shoot than what they actually can.

Eventually the fault lies on us. Since we are not able to gauge the growth vs expectation we start loosing our core team which will be the last thing we like to happen in our business.

Now correlate the title picture with this concept and you can understand this concept!!!