I am worried – I didn’t quit my job yet!

sheepBlind Sheep Syndrome

I am worried, I didn’t quit my job yet but my fellow team members already quit. If you can understand the above sentence, this is the exact meaning of “Blind Sheep Syndrome”

People without any self determination or people who think they are always perfect in taking decisions are the victims of the above syndrome. This can be seen much in professional life. If a horror movie becomes successful, all of a sudden you can see there will be 4 to 10 horror movies going to come out one after the other.

This same blindness is always followed in career too. The moment your close colleague quits his job you will become restless and very detached from your job. You will start worrying that you didn’t quit your job yet Or at least you will start analysing whether you are correct on continuing with the current job.

Other way of people getting affected by this syndrome is by the people who got the quality of influencing others. The moment these guys drop their paper they will somehow make others to think twice in continuing with their current company.

Can we avoid this?

The answer is NO. But we can control the situation.

Believe there is always an antidote available for any epidemic. The Managers are the role players for this and if they have the complete hold of the team then this situation can always be kept under control.

Flat or Hierarchical Organisation Structure

What if the Manager quits?

The classic case of requirement of the combination of flat and hierarchical organisation will arise if your Manager controls the entire team. Gone are the days to have either Flat or Hierarchical Organisation Structure. Today the need is always a blend of both of these structures.

If you think people are your core asset then you should avoid going to Hierarchical organisation. Hierarchical Organisation will always create a professional gap between different layers of people which will eventually end up with atttrition. Same way, Flat Organisation will result into tough situation of satisfying your people on their growth roadmap.

The Blind Sheep Syndrome will always affect the Hierarchical Organisation more than the Flat Organisation.

If we have a combined structure of Flat & Hierarchical Organisation then we can avoid the wild situation arising out of Blind Sheep Syndrome.

After all, job is the need of any individual. But company as a whole is the need of any Management.