Analyse how we WON before analysing how we LOST!!!


There is no concept of Winning all the time or Loosing all the time.

Success and Failure are happening one after the other. But if we feel that we are failing most of the time or we failed on most of the important things then we will automatically start analysing why we failed.

Actually analysing why we failed is good. But if we didn’t analyse how we Succeeded earlier, then we cannot correlate what mistake we did to fail this time. Human mind will always requires a comparative study to determine anything.

Over thinking about failure happened to be the reason for our next failure. We should learn to accept failure with the attitude “YES I FAILED”. Move on. But human mind will not come out of that failure until we see next success.

So without any limitation, our mind will whirl around the failure, instead of thinking about success. If we are not thinking about success then how can expect success to think about us?

There is a saying, in any crime, without even realising, the criminal would have left the evidence at the scene of crime. Criminology call this as “Hands of GOD”. Same way we would have left some evidence in our success for sure. If we are able to analyse both success and failure situations we can find out the “Hands of God” there.

Success or Winning is a combination of 100% correct steps. Whereas Failure or Loosing is a combination of 99% correct steps and 1% wrong step. So the gap between Success and Failure is just 1%. Is it not worth to correct that 1% and call us as a Winner?

Finally, both Success or Failure are not constant incidences. They both are just next step of the current action or the first step of future action!!!

Periodic changes or transformations are the sign of GROWTH. If we are not ready to do the periodic changes then how can we expect continuous success? You have to loose your childhood to attain bachelorhood. You have to loose your bachelorhood to become a father and so and so forth.

Can you scroll and walk together? You have to leave your scrolling to start walking. You have to start walking to start running and so on and so forth.

Same way if you analyse your Success and Failure you can understand that you may have to leave something Existing to get something New. If we are able to identify that step then every step will take us to Success for sure.