Gain Value to your Presence and it will Give Value to your Absence!!!


Whether it is profession or personal we have to make impression on our absence as well as presence.

Let us take the professional part here.

Whether we are an entry level employee or a Management person we have to create our impression. I have seen situations where I didn’t even recognise the absence of some guys for days together. I used to think what if my situation was like this?

Nightmare isn’t it?

To have an impression for both Absence and Presence we should ESTABLISH us first. Unless we establish ourselves in the crowd, we will get lost and so its not going to matter whether we are absent or present.

To have an impression on our Absence we should have created a heighten on our Presence. So Presence is very important to be felt by the crowd. Presence doesn’t mean silent spectator rather to be a contributor. No one can get into our mind and find out what we are thinking.  We should participate on all healthy discussions in professional life and should value add into any discussion. If we start giving ideas and suggestions which doesn’t carry any value, then our absence will be much appreciated than our presence.

If our Presence cannot add value then our Absence is also not going to make any difference too. But the same time we should Present our ideas in a way that they echo our team’s thought. Always try to go along with the team. This will always make people to enjoy our presence.

Skill and competence are more important when we present ourself and that will make everyone to wish to have us in the discussion.

During any discussion, even if we are physically present, Say Less so that people will expect us to speak more. Here our absence should be present and recognised. Also if we speak less, there are more chances that we are keeping ourself at a distance from speaking foolish. Because once the words are out we cannot take back.

Being said, how much ever we are smart in contributing our skills and competence our absence only will give value to us. So set a schedule for being physically elsewhere and unavailable, and stick to it.

The more we are seen or heard the more our value will get degrade. So we should learn the skill  of withdrawing ourselves from the Presence so that our absence are felt in a very positive way.

So once we are back from our absence to presence, our presence will be felt more than normal.

But we need to attain a power by our presence. If we absent without attaining that power, then we will just get forgotten instead of creating any positive impression.

Gain Value to your Presence and it will Give Value to your Absence!!!