Better be the Head of the Bee than the Tail of the Lion

imagesBig Banner company or a mid size company?

It is the undeniable dilemma everyone will have after our very first job. Have we ever analysed as why we get this dilemma in our career path?

Before getting into that let us analyse the difference between these two segments. A job is always a job. Then why do we differentiate as Big banner companies and other companies?

Following are the very basic needs of a job:

  1. Salary
  2. Title
  3. Growth with learning curve
  4. Satisfaction level.

Let us take one after the other


Who doesn’t want more salary? If  X is our salary then our expenditure would always be X+1. So this gives us an insight of whatever be the salary our expectation is +1 or our deficit will be X – 1. If this scenario is true then banner of the company is not going to make any difference for us.


Title in the first 10 years of our career will be seen as a pride to handle with power. But after a while we will certainly understand that increase in title will come with increase in responsibilities. Increase in responsibilities will also have increase in work pressure.

For example, let us take sales in to consideration. When we are an executive we will carry a target of X. But if we get promoted as Senior executive our target should be nothing less than X +1. Even if we say that our company gives the same X as our target then we will be the first to get called as Non Performer for not reaching the target. But if we reach the target there won’t be much appreciation because we are carrying the same target as our junior.

So what is seen as a pride is seen as a burden at a later stage. But can we continue without a title hike. No, it is also not possible. So we have to handle the pressure to grow in our career. Else we will not get recognised whether we are working in a big banner or a startup.

Growth with learning Curve

Growth in terms of Salary and Title are already discussed. So this growth is pertaining to the potential of getting involved into the knowledge and learning new aspects of business or new technologies and getting involved into new projects.

Our resume will carry enough weightage only if we say that we have involved into different stages of sale or into different technologies in development side. After a stage if we say we are specialised into one area of business or into one technology then our potential of getting into our dream jobs at a later stage will be very remote.

Satisfaction Level

End of the day, all the above discussed aspects will become irrelevant if our career satisfaction level is not up to our expectation. But again, we have the scope to live up to our satisfaction alone. But it is not possible in the current competitive career world though.

So knowingly or unknowingly our Satisfaction Level will become a matter of consideration only if we are able to achieve all the above Viz. Salary, Title and Growth with Learning Curve.

If we have started our career with large company then most of us will tend to continue our career in the large company itself. It is because of the sophistication we would have seen in the big banner companies.

But if we have started our career with midsize or a startup company then naturally we will have a passion to get in to a big banner company.

So on both the scenarios our vision or mission is to get into big banner companies only.

Then why people from startup or mid size companies are more recognised than people in the big banner companies?

The answer is simple. KNOWLEDGE.

It is an undeniable fact that people from small and mid size companies carry more work related knowledge than people from Large companies.

It is not because people from Big Banner companies are not capable to learn or perform. It is because the scope of involving into every aspect of the business or into diversified technologies are not possible in big banner companies. They will have limited KRA in large companies and in small companies you will automatically get involved into every aspect of business or into most of the technologies your division is dealing with.

Now apply the title here and you will get the answer.

“Better be the Head of the Bee than the Tail of the Lion”