DOn’t quIT… DO IT


First set – Luxottica Group, American Apparel, Centerplate, Pimco, Volkswagen

Second Set – Gerard J. Arpey, AMR, Bill Gates – MicroSoft, Coby Brooks – Hooters, Meg Whitman – eBay, Mohammed El-Erian – Pimco,

All the above CEOs quit. But the difference is, the second set quit realising that the company would be a better place without them. The first set quit for various other reasons.

All the CEOs in the second set became role models.

Do CEOs really need to quit?

If there are behavioural mistakes of them then quitting is the only option. But for the mistake of others do the CEOs really take moral responsibility and quit?

Is the company not going to be the looser again?

Stepping in, correcting the mistakes and brining the company back to the original height wouldn’t be the best these CEOs can do to the company?

Whoever quits is surely going to get job somewhere else. No one is going to be jobless or going to goto a lonely island and spend the rest of their time there.

The company has spent lot of time and money on these CEOs. If mistake happens they should correct it and pay back the company. Quitting cannot be a viable option to be given to CEOs.

These CEO will surely loose money and reputation by quitting and no denial on that. But by quitting are they not doing more damage to the company than what had happened?